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Catching and Setting A Sheep Up On Its Rump

Brian Magee Shearing Sheep - Cornell Sheep Program
Step by step pictures of Brian Magee shearing

How Fleeces Are Skirted and Made Ready For Show or Sale.
Step by step instructions with pictures

Portable Skirting Table Top Instructions
Instructions for building your own portable skirting table

Shearing Floor and Fleece-sorting Table
Instructions for building your own shearing floor and a fleece-sorting table

Sheep Shearing  Demonstration
Demonstration with pictures from Chester Farms

Shearing Patterns -The New Zeland Wool Board
Step by step instructions for shearing with illustrations for machine shearing, blade shearing, shearing  sheep, shearing angora rabbits and shearing llamas.

Shearing Industry Consultants -
Information on comb preparation, shearing pattern, shed design and even exercises for the shearer.

Sheep Shearing Illustrations
Do you know how to shear the sheep?Actually I don't know !!
But! Here is the SHEARING MASTER!!!He'll show you How to Shear!!


This sheep shearing machine was operated by two men. One cranked the machine by hand to operate the clipper teeth, the other sheared the sheep
Click picture to see a larger version
Other Information and Resources

"Be Nice To Your Sheep Shearer"  by Mike Neary Extension Sheep Specialist Purdue University

Shearing Day: Sheep Handling, Wool Science, and Shearing With Blades by Kevin Ford

Shearing Poster  Laminated on both sides, sturdy, size 14" x 24"  Poster.Quick reference to simple shearing patterns

Shearing Techniques with Fiona Nettleton - information about  sheep shearing. The actual techniques are explained in details i this 100 minute program.                     

SUPPLIERS: - Clippers/Trimmers & Supplies

Complete Clipper Service

Hamm's Show Supply

Hemp's Animal Supply

Ivory's Sharpening & Supply Co

Mid States Wool Growers

Patterson Supply Company-Wahl/Lister
PBS Animal Health: Clippers, Shears & Accessories:


Steve's Sharpening Service

Sullivan Supply Products- Wahl/Lister

                   Viola Shearing & Sharpening Service
Joe Viola, Route 2, Box 230, Horseshow Run, WV  26716
Phone: (304) 735-5481
Shearing Equipment Bought and Sold
Combs, Cutters, and Blades Sharpened
Shears and Handpieces Repaired

Dirt is the biggest cause of blade dulling.

Clean and oil your blade after every use.

A jammed blade is caused by feeding the hair into the blades faster than it is being cut. This causes an obstruction of hair laid parallel and rolling between between the blades preventing close cutting contact. A jammed blade can usually be fixed by momentarily pinching the blades together while running. In more severe cases, remove the blades, separate the blades and clean, then reassemble.

Clipper burns are caused by too close of a cut against the animals skin or excessive cutting over one area.
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