First Aid Kit For Sheep
This page was last updated on: October 26, 2008
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By: Lyndsey Keller

There will be, at some time or another, a time when your sheep will need medical attention. More than likely, it will occur at the least convenient time. It could be something very simple or quite complex, but as a good shepherd, you should always be prepared. Before you assemble your first aid kit be sure you know what kind of emergencies you can and can't handle. Everyone has different abilities and sheep experiences.

Remember to frequently check medications for expiration dates and storage temperatures. You don't want anything in your kit to go bad and be ineffective in treatment. Your kit should be inside some sort of a container. It can be as simple as a sturdy cardboard box or as elaborate as tackle box with different compartments for specific items. Always store your kit in the same place. This way you will always know where your kit is if an emergency should take place. You may even want to keep a smaller version of your kit inside your truck or livestock trailer.

Suggested items to include in your kit:
Antibiotic (penicillin, LA-200)
Baking soda
Bloat Treatment
Blood-stop powder
Bottle of distilled water
Disposable latex gloves
Disposable needles (18 gauge)
Disposable syringes (3-5 cc's)
Fly repellent for wound areas
Foot rot treatment (Koppertox)
Guaze pads
Hoof trimmers
Hoof pick
Liquid antiseptic (Iodine)
Lubricant (KY jelly)
Mineral oil for constipation
Nylon rope or equivalent
Pepto Bismol
Prescription antibiotic (Nuflor, Naxcel)
Rope halter
Small container to hold diluted liquids (this prevents contamination
of full bottle)
Small soft brush to scrub wounds
Stomach tube
Stretchy gauze (Vet Wrap)
Super glue
Razor for shaving infected areas
Rectal thermometer
Vet's telephone number
Wound spray with a hand pump (spray from an aerosol can/may
drive the bacteria deeper into the wound)