ALUM-LINE, INC/Cresco, Iowa
For those who want the quickest convenience for hauling livestock, the Alum-Line Popper is your solution. Simply slide the unit between your fender wells and shut the gate!
Alum-Line offers a very complete topper with many standard features. But, we do offer some useful options. The air spaces can be enclosed with smoked Lexon or hinged aluminum panels. Roof storage racks, two-way roof vents, and vinyl lettering are some other popular options
The Dual-Line is a two-way trailer specifically designed for the small animal producer. This all aluminum trailer has a hauling capacity of 4,000 pounds. It can be used as a livestock hauler, and by removing the top, it doubles as an open utility trailer. Their superior design, rugged construction, and attention to detail make them the choice of livestock producers everywhere.
Call for prices Toll Free: 1-800-446-1407
Their slide in truck racks come in three different sizes. All racks have tops so animals don't try to jump out. All racks have 24-inch wide hinged doors with spring loaded latch. Bars on racks are spaced close so small animals can't get out.  
Livestock, Sheep, and Stock Combination Trailers, Standard Features: Full Nose,,All Steel Tubular Structure,  Angle Cross Sills 16" on Center, Breakaway Kit, Divider Gate (Standard on 14' Trailers and up), Treated Lumber Floors, Undercoated Frame and Wheel Wells, Brakes on All Axles - Torsion Ride
Specialty trailers are no problem at Valley Trailers. They specialize in building trailers to fit your needs. This Swine/Sheep trailers is just one design that handles the job without all the wasted space. Contact your local Valley Trailers Dealer to find out how they can help you.

FEATHERLITE, INC./Corvallis, Oregon
Featherlite, Inc. is the innovative leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of superior quality aluminum specialty trailers and luxury motorcoaches. Ph. 800-800-1230 or email
Featherlite's convenient Livestock Boxes install onto the floors of most pickup beds, between the fender wells. Our 8100 Series Livestock Boxes feature an all aluminum body construction with grab handles on each corner for easy installation onto your truck. Available in two lengths, they can accomodate either short or long bed pickup trucks.
SYDELL/Burbank, South Dakota
Mini Pickup Rack  5 ft X 2 ft X 40 inch rack for pickup.
Canvas Top for Mini Pickup Rack 
Portable Racks for Pickup   48 X 96 inches. 40 inches tall.
Portable Rack for Pickup  48 X 72 inches. 40 inches tall.
Portable Rack for Pickup  40 X 72 inches. 40 inches tall.Price:
Canvas Tops to fit over Portable Racks.   Constructed of 18 oz. waterproof canvas with grommets along the bottom side for securing to the rack. The canvas has a 2-ft. skirt around the perimeter and the back folds up for entry into the rack.
Custom built products are offered to the customer with assistance in design and specifications that will fit your needs. There are financing and lease programs available  to the customer for assistance with your purchase if necessary. Delivery is available nation wide
The Dual Line trailer with a removable top is designed for the person who uses a light duty pickup , car or van for a towing vehicle.  These trailers are designed for your small livestock hauling needs  Tel: 800-664-9550
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