• Start early, a small lamb is much easier to handle and consequently easier to train to stand.  If you wait until the lamb is big and strong, it may get away and never learn to stand and pose to its best advantage. 
  • Practice setting your lamb up and have someone handle the lamb as a judge would.  Proper showring techniques begin before you enter the ring. 
  • You should be clean and neatly dressed.  Leave your hat and grooming equipment outside the show ring. 
  • Walk you lamb into the show ring promptly.  Give the judge every opportunity to get a clear, unobstructed view of your lamb. 
  • Train your lamb to brace itself and push against you when the judge moves in to handle it. 
  • When the judge or ring master signals for you to move the lamb, move slowly and stay to the far side so the judge can watch it walk. 
  • Always maintain complete control of the lamb. 
  • Always be calm when you showing your lamb.  This works wonders in helping to keep the lamb clam if it has been sufficiently trained. 
  • Work hard while the class is being judged, but after-wards, be a good sport, and maintain a healthy attitude.  Congratulate the exhibitors whose lambs stood above yours.  Do not forget that the project is a learning experience.  Meeting the rewards and disappointments of competition is a part of this learning process.

Official Kansas 4-H Sheep Showmanship Score Card-pdf
(The following is just an excerpt from the Score Card)
Appearance of Lamb - Cleanliness and Trimming - 20 Points
  • Flanks, face, nose, ears, feet and legs clean
  • It is desirable that fleece be slick shorn on market lambs, but the final decision is left to the individual show management.
  • Fleece on registered breeding ewes trimmed to an appropriate length for the breed being exhibited.
Showing -  Posing and Changing Positions and Cooperation with Judge - 55 Points
  • Lamb should be kept well posed at all times, but showman should not engage in undue fussing or maneuvering.
  • Lamb should show evidence of training as indicated by responsiveness to handling.
  • Each exhibitor should maintain proper distance when on the move and when standing to allow other exhibitors to be able to efficiently show their animal. Exhibitor should be courteous to other exhibitors and their lambs at all times.
  • Be aware of where the judge is, and maintain that awareness
Appearance and Merits of Exhibitor - 25 Points
  • Exhibitor should be well groomed and clothes clean and neat

Lamb Showmanship

Market Lamb Showmanship
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