Heavy galvanized corrugated steel with angle iron frame (a 12' x 21' has over 450' of angle iron framing). Approximately 12 ft. wide and 7 ft. high. Shipped in 7 ft. sections. Two 21' x 21" shelters can be hauled in your pickup. Includes: 4" x 4" wood skids with pull straps, 12" steel wall protectors on inside; braces and bolts; spreader bar for front. Built for livestock,  can be used for garage or machinery shelters. Approximate sizes: 12' x 7'; 12' x 14'; 12' x 21' or longer.
Optional front closure with swing doors  with 7' 10' opening.
Back with vent door open
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Just as the name implies, PORT-A-HUTS are portable!  Their convenient 4'6"x7'6" base and 3'6" height allow for easy mobility, and with only 130 pounds weight, it can be handled by one man.

Ruggedness is another outstanding feature of Port-A-Huts.  Each hut is all steel constructed with heavy galvanized,corrugated steel reinforcements with heavy duty angle iron frames.   Port-A-Huts are maintenance free and built to take it!
Email or phone (740) 357-1110 for more information if you live in Scioto, Jackson, Pike, Adams, Gallia or Lawrence Counties in Ohio and neighboring counties in Kentucky and West Virginia.
We have a 12'x42' building that we only use for lambing, creep feeding, shearing and health maintenance.  The rest of the time we have the small ones in our different pastures for shelter.  It works out great because the large shelter stays clean and is ready when we need it.  The small ones also stay clean because we are able to move them after they become soiled or it rains.
Skeet moving one to another location.
The panels in the picture above are 6' long and 39" tall.
A special panel fits over the hut itself.  They can be used together or individual.  They are great for 4-H projects.
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