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In newborn lambs, the more common symptom of iodine deficiency is goiter. If the condition is not advanced, the lambs may survive. Other symptoms are lambs born weak, dead, or without wool. Mature sheep seldom show a change in their appearance. But an iodine deficiency may result in reduced yield of wool and reduced conception rate
The Salt Institute

When an animal does not get enough iodine in its diet; it develops a disease condition known as goiter. The goiter is a swollen thyroid gland seen on the throat of an animal. The swelling is caused by the thyroid gland enlarging as it tries to produce thyroid hormones needed by the animal.
Goiter in Sheep/Sheep Update - Summer 2002
Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development

Sodium Chloride Better known as salt, sodium chloride is essential for life. The benefits of salt come from both the sodium and chlorides. The sodium portion is the dominant cation in regulating blood and tissue pH. Sodium is found in most body fluids and in the bones. Muscle contraction is dependent on proper sodium concentrations. Sodium is also involved with nerve impulse transmission and the rhythmic action of the heart. The chlorides also help balance the bloods pH. They are also required for the stomachs production of hydrochloric acid required for food digestion. Salt needs and applications vary from animal to animal and also from environmental conditions, feed variability and animal health.
Sodium Chloride
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Salt: Typical consumption of iodized salt is .03-.06 pound per ewe daily depending upon season, lactation and salt content in the water and feed eaten. Inadequate dry matter intake may increase salt and mineral intake to .10-.20 pounds daily. This level isn't toxic, provided adequate water is available. Salt is an excellent carrier for sources of calcium and phosphorus. When trace mineral salt containing iodine is provided, problems with goiter are eliminated. The requirement is .10-.80 ppm. Salt without iodine will precipitate goiter problems
Strategies for Feeding the Ewe Flock/Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities
University of Minnesota Extension Service

Salt and Trace Minerals FAQs
Larry L. Berger, Ph.D. Professor, Animal Sciences - University of Illinois

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