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For subcutaneous injections, use a sharp ½- to ¾-inch length and 16- or 18-gauge diameter needle. One good site for subcutaneous vaccinations is over the ribs. Another is the axilla, behind the armpit. A third is high up on the neck, a site that is easy to reach and is unlikely to result in lameness and muscle (carcass) damage.
1 mL is the same as 1 cc
One ounce = 30mL.
SQ Subcutaneous Injections are usually made in the loose skin where the neck and shoulder join.
IM Intramuscular Injections may be given in the thigh muscle or the large muscles along the side of the neck.
IV Intravenous Injections are usually done in the jugular vein. The vein can be distended by manual occlusion of the vessel below (toward the heart) the intended venipuncture site.
Sites for subcutaneous vaccination.
This picture shows one location for a SQ injection. It is being administered behind the elbow.
This picture shows the proper location for a SQ injection in the neck region.
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How to Give Injections
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Subcutaneous Injection Technique
Intramuscular Injection Technique
The leg and loin regions should be avoided when giving IM injections. IM injections can cause damage to the muscle tissue (meat). IM injections should be given in the heavy neck muscle near the back of the head. The needle should be inserted into the muscle with a quick thrust. Care should taken to make sure the needle is inserted in the muscle, not just under the skin. You should pull pack on the plunger to make sure they the needle has not been inserted into a blood vessel, as evidenced by blood appearing in the syringe. The medication should be slowly injected into the muscle.