Grooming Tips
By: Lyndsey Keller

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This page was last updated on: October 26, 2008

Here are some grooming tips that might be useful for preparing for shows and making things go a little more smoothly:

1. Washing your lamb doesn't have to be expensive. Any sort of soap will work. Most people use Wool Lite or Ivory dish liquid. Dog shampoos work very well, and so does regular people or baby shampoo. You can also add a little powdered or liquid laundry detergent to water to make a nice lathering soap. Want more ideas on how to get your lamb's wool clean and white?

2. Keep your lamb's hooves trimmed down. Not only does it look and feel better to the lamb, but with long hooves a lamb can get hoof rot easier and faster. Not keeping them trimmed can also cause foot problems stucturally.

3. Black shoe polish is great for shining your lambs hooves and covering up bare spots on the knees. Add a little to your lamb before going into the show ring. Be sure to check your show's rules before doing this as it is sometimes prohibited.

4. Baby wipes work great to clean out your lambs ears. Don't forget to clean underneath the inside part of the eartag.

5. If your lamb's wool is stained brown or yellow, that's okay. It's nearly impossible to keep your lamb perfectly clean all summer. If you have some spots that won't come clean, it will easily shear off when it comes time to be sheared. If your lamb isn't going to be sheared, special products are available to remove such stains.

6. Washing your lamb the day before or right before your lamb is sheared is a good idea. Clean wool cuts easier than dirty wool, but it must be dry or slightly damp to shear well.

7. A clean lamb looks better than a dirty lamb. Even if your lamb isn't all that great show wise, it will look a lot more appealing than a great show lamb who is dirty.