A superior feeding program cannot make an average lamb into an exceptional one; however, a poor feeding program can keep an exceptional lamb from expressing its potential.  Taking advantage of the genetic capacity of the young lamb to grow and deposit muscle can provide the edge needed to compete in club lamb sales and the show ring.
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1. Clean water should be available for your lamb at all times.

2. A loose salt should be available for your lamb at all times. A coccidiostat can be mixed into your salt to control coccidia. Deccox is a good coccidiostat.

3. Concentrates should not exceed 75% of your ration.

4. Never change feed suddenly. It is best if you feed the same feeds throughout the feeding period.

5. The lamb should be fed the same time each day.

6. Never skip a feeding. If the lamb didn't eat all of its feed, remove the old feed, and reduce the amount for the next feeding. Adding a full feeding on top of food that's left over is setting up conditions that can cause acidosis.

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