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Bluetongue is caused by a virus that can infect both sheep and goats. However, most goats do not show the severe clinical signs that are common with sheep infections. At first, the animal may have a fever (temp > 105° F) and swelling of the face, lips, muzzle, and ears. The gums (mucosa) of the mouth are often red and occasionally the tongue is blue (cyanotic). Affected animals salivate excessively and may have some discharge out of the nose. As the problem progresses, ulcers and erosions develop in the mouth. The virus can also cause respiratory problems (pneumonia-like), lameness, abortions, and birth defects.
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Cyanotic tongue
Inflamation of the
muzzle and salivation
Ulcers and necrosis of the muzzle
Reddening and haemorrhages of the coronary band (above the hoof).
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Pictures above taken from SPC - Bluetongue
Picture taken from College of Veterinary Medicine Oklahoma State University