Balancing Rations
Pearson Square

  • oldest and simplest method of balancing rations
  • can only be used to determine the proportions of two ingredients
  • frequently used for smaller herds and flocks

A List of the Protein Levels of Different Feeds

           FOOD SOURCE     %PROTEIN, BY WT

Dried fish flakes          76
Dried liver            76
Dried earthworms                76
Duckweed           50
Torula yeast                50
Brewers yeast             39
Soybeans (dry roasted)37
Flaxseed             37
Alfalfa seed         35
Beef, lean            28
Earthworms         28
Fish            28
Sunflower seeds  26.3
Wheat germ        25
Peas & Beans, dried   24.5
Sesame seed      19.3
Soybeans (boiled)        17
Wheat bran         16.6
Oats, whole        14
Rice polish         12.8
Rye            12.5
Wheat         12.5
Barley        12.3
Oats           12
Corn            9
Millet           9
Milo             9
Rice, brown         7.5

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